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Jul 9th 2021 Staff

Exposed brick, steel columns, wrought iron railings, and concrete floors... that's right, we are talking about Urban Industrial. We like to call this style's followers "imperfectionists" and if you find the beauty in historic elements of old structures and abandoned buildings... you're one of them, my friend! But don't worry, we love imperfectionists. Because an industrialized room is the perfect space to make a statement with your lighting fixture! A room covered with brick and filled with vintage accents creates such an organic feel that a bright light fixture easily serves as the focal point in any room.

So just how do you incorporate the raw, warehouse vibe that characterizes this style when choosing your lighting? Start with metal fixtures with finishes such as Antique Bronze and Brushed Nickel. Don't be afraid to choose fixtures that use gold tones as an accent metal. Not only will this look create an industrial style but it also mesh with neutral colors (such as that concrete flooring, metal railing, and steel columns you've had your eye on). Also look for fixtures that feature the popular Edison bulb look. Not only do these bulbs come in various shapes and sizes for an additional unique design element but they pair well with vintage materials and rustic furnishings, which if you've completely committed to going industrial, you've probably been searching antique stores for these very pieces!

In the end, it all comes down to the basics. So when looking for lighting to highlight your exposed brick and concrete elements, seek out fixtures with clean metal lines, Edison bulbs, and Bronze or Nickel finishes. For more inspiration, check out our handpicked items ideal for any creative, imperfectionist. Happy Restoring!

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