Dining Room Lighting

Dining room lighting should be both beautiful and functional, and this is best accomplished by using a combination of task, ambient, and accent lighting throughout the space. These various layers of lighting establish the mood for a variety of functions, including dining, homework, or family bookkeeping. At Accent Lighting in Wichita, we have a fantastic variety of dining room light fixtures, and can help you choose the best options for your home.

A chandelier can be a great choice for the central, ambient light fixture. We’ll recommend the style and size that will best suit your dining room, and discuss whether or not it’s a good option. By adding dimming controls, you’ll be able to adjust the lights for various occasions, such as dinner parties, family reunions, or homework time with the kids. Recessed lights can be ideal as accent fixtures, highlighting a curio or china cabinet in the room. Track lighting that accentuates artwork is also good for the space. Since there aren’t usually separate seating areas in the dining room, there might not be any need for lamps or other task lighting, but we’ll discuss every possibility when you’re in our showroom.

Types of Dining Room Lighting

When it comes to dining room lighting, there are several types of fixtures to consider.

Chandeliers are a popular choice for dining rooms, providing a focal point and ambient lighting for the entire space. Pendant lights can be used over the dining table to provide task lighting and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the room. Wall sconces and buffet lamps are excellent options for adding accent lighting and creating a cozy atmosphere.

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Tips to Choose Dining Room Lighting

When choosing dining room lighting, it's essential to consider:

- The size and layout of the room
- Determine the function of each lighting element (ambient, task, accent)
- Coordinate the style and finish of fixtures with your decor
- Use dimmer switches for adjustable brightness levels
- Layer different light sources to create depth and ambiance

Dining Room Lighting Design

Dining room lighting design plays a crucial role in setting the ambiance for meals and gatherings. Consider using dimmer switches to adjust the brightness levels according to different occasions – from intimate dinners to lively parties. Layering light sources such as wall sconces, recessed lighting, and accent lamps can add depth and visual interest to the room, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Our Wide Variety of Dining Room Lighting

At Accent Lighting, a local lighting store in Wichita, we offer a curated selection of dining room lighting fixtures to suit your needs and enhance the beauty of your dining space. Whether you prefer a classic crystal chandelier, a sleek contemporary pendant, or a versatile track lighting system, we have the perfect options to illuminate your dining room with elegance and style. Our team is dedicated to providing expert guidance on selecting the ideal lighting solutions to transform your dining room into a sophisticated and inviting area for meals and gatherings.


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Visit us in Wichita to explore our extensive collection of dining room lighting options and discover how we can help you elevate your dining experience with our premium fixtures. Let us assist you in creating a beautifully lit dining room that reflects your personal style and enhances the ambiance of your home. Trust Accent Lighting to bring illumination and sophistication to your dining room design.

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