With your bedroom lighting, it is important to create an overall atmosphere of quiet relaxation, while also providing bright lighting in certain areas for reading and other activities. A combination of general and task lighting that takes into account the age and lifestyle of the occupants is also important. Adding dimming controls will give you the flexibility to vary the bedroom lighting to suit different moods and tasks. At Accent Lighting, we have a wonderful assortment of bedroom lamps and other lights that will make the space feel complete.

Your bedroom’s general or ambient lighting can be supplied by a chandelier or a ceiling fan with a light kit. Again, it’s beneficial to install a dimmer switch or sensor to control the level of the main light fixture. If you have a vanity or dressing table, adding wall sconces on either side will make it easier to see what you’re doing while getting ready in the morning. For your closets, consider adding bright recessed fixtures so that you can easily see what you’re choosing for that day’s outfit. For the bedside, swing-arm or table lamps will let you see perfectly while finishing that last chapter before turning in for the night. Having multiple layers of light in your bedroom will make the space both functional and comfortable. If you’re upgrading your bedroom lighting, come to our showroom in Wichita to see a great variety of fixtures and bulbs, as well as expert assistance in choosing the best options for your home. We look forward to helping you! You can also check out our online catalog.

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