What to Expect in Lighting for 2024

What to Expect in Lighting for 2024

Jan 5th 2024 Staff

Lighting trends are constantly evolving, and as we look ahead to 2024, we can expect some exciting developments in the world of lighting. Accent Lighting, a trusted local lighting store in Wichita, is here to share what you can expect in lighting trends in the coming year. Read on to learn more, and stop by today!

Sustainable pendant light

Sustainable Lighting 

As environmental consciousness grows, sustainable lighting solutions will continue to gain popularity in 2024. LED lighting, known for its energy efficiency and longevity, will remain a top choice. Additionally, eco-friendly materials and practices will be emphasized in lighting design, ensuring that style can coexist with sustainability.

Biophilic chandelier

Biophilic Lighting 

The biophilic design trend, which brings elements of nature into indoor spaces, will continue to flourish in 2024. Biophilic lighting incorporates natural materials, colors, and patterns, as well as lighting that mimics the qualities of natural light. This lighting trend creates a connection to the outdoors, improving well-being and enhancing the ambiance in any space.

Smart Lighting switch

Smart Lighting Integration 

Smart lighting systems will continue to be a prominent trend in 2024. The ability to control lighting remotely through smart devices will become more intuitive and user-friendly. Integration with voice assistants and home automation systems will make it even easier to personalize and control the lighting in your home or office.

Minimal pendant lighting

Minimalistic Designs 

In 2024, less is definitely more. Minimalistic lighting designs with clean lines and simple shapes are gaining popularity. These understated fixtures create a sense of elegance and sophistication while seamlessly blending with a variety of interior styles. From sleek wall sconces to minimalist pendant lights, Accent Lighting offers an array of options to achieve a minimalist aesthetic.

An artistic light fixture in a hallway

Artistic and Sculptural Fixtures 

Lighting fixtures will become more than just functional pieces; they will also serve as works of art and sculptural elements. Unique and imaginative designs, including geometric shapes, abstract forms, and artistic compositions, will be at the forefront of lighting trends. These fixtures will not only provide light but also become focal points and conversation starters in any space.


As a local lighting store in Wichita, Accent Lighting is at the forefront of these emerging trends. With our extensive selection of lighting fixtures and knowledgeable staff, our lighting designers can help you find the perfect lighting solutions to transform your space according to the latest trends. 

Get ready to light up your world with the exciting lighting trends in store for 2024. Visit Accent Lighting in Wichita, or explore our online catalog to discover the latest designs and innovations that will bring warmth, style, and functionality to your home or office. Illuminate your space today.

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