Adding New Lamps to Your Home

Aug 26th 2021 Staff

No bedroom or living room is complete without a perfect lamp, and at Accent Lighting in Wichita, we have a fantastic selection of fixtures from which to choose. If you’re thinking about adding new lamps or updating the ones you currently have, we’d love to meet with you and discuss your options. In this post, we’ll look at some spots that can benefit from lamps and how you can get the most out of your new fixtures.

Living Room Lamps

Your living room is used for a number of purposes, including watching TV, playing games, and entertaining guests. A single overhead light is often not enough to illuminate the entire space, even if it is the focal point of the room. Adding some table and floor lamps can greatly enhance the space and make the room more inviting. If you have a special nook where you like to sit down with a good book, a well-placed floor lamp can make the space function perfectly.

For other areas, such as the home theater, consider adding lamps so you can turn the overhead light off while watching your favorite movies. That way, people can still see when they need to get up to get another snack or grab another pop. Wall sconces can be a great option for theater areas, but if you don’t want to go to the trouble of installing permanent fixtures, lamps are a great alternative.

If you have an area where you play board games with the kids, add a floor lamp so that everyone can see when they’re gathered around the table for family fun. This can be especially beneficial if the game area is set on one side of the room.

Bedroom Lamps

If you like to read before going to bed, it’s important to have the right bedside lamps. You might already have some fixtures, but if they’re not the right size or the bulbs don’t seem to be bright enough, we can help you find the proper upgrades. In order to avoid eye strain while reading, you need to have light that’s bright enough and that’s not coming from above your head. A well-positioned bedroom lamp can eliminate these issues and help you get comfortable while you finish that last chapter.

Bedside table lamps also give you the option to leave the ceiling fixture off when you stay up late watching TV or have to get up before everyone else in the house. You need to be able to see to get into bed or put your slippers on in the morning, and lamps provide just enough light by which to do so.

Lamp Bulbs

We mentioned lamp bulbs above, and any lamp in your house is only as good as the bulb it’s using. It might be the most beautiful, most decorative lamp you’ve ever seen, but if it’s not providing enough light or the color temperature is wrong, it may as well not be on at all. Our expert team can help you choose the right bulbs for your fixtures, and we’ll gladly explain lumens, wattage, and specific ratings for specific lamps. For color temperature, it will depend on where the light is placed and what purpose it will be serving. Will it be used for task lighting when you’re reading, or accent lighting for entertaining? Knowing these details can make choosing new fixtures a much easier and more enjoyable experience.

If you’re shopping for new lamps in Wichita, come to Accent Lighting today. We’ve served the area for nearly 40 years, and there’s nothing we love more than helping people find the perfect lighting options.

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