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Oct 11th 2021 Staff

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Wichita Lighting Trends in 2021

What is trending in lighting changes on a fairly regular basis. While some lighting is timeless (such as most chandeliers), lighting designs change with the times. Accent Lighting in Wichita has been serving homeowners and local businesses since 1979. Our lighting design team has decades of experience in helping you update your lighting to keep a modern, classic feel that offers you beauty, function, and excellent resale value. Below, we'll take a look at some of the best Wichita lighting trends in 2021. Shop today!

size-appropriate fixtures in kitchenSize-Appropriate Fixtures

Recently, the trends in lighting have been to have light fixtures that are smaller. However, as high ceilings and open floor plans have become popular, smaller lights don't provide enough light and they can disappear in so much space. Size-appropriate light fixtures that fit your space are now in.

organic materials in kitchenOrganic Materials

There is a push to reduce your carbon footprint in every aspect of your life, including lighting fixtures. People are now tending to choose lighting materials that can be easily recycled, such as glass, wood, cork, and bamboo. Not only are these lighting materials beautiful, but they are good for the earth, too.

lateral lighting in kitchenLateral Lighting

Direct and overhead lights do their job well: light up a space. However, sometimes they can be too much. Lighting that is lateral, such as wall sconces creates a soft ambient light. Plus, they don't take up a lot of extra space, which is important for those who live in apartments and smaller homes.

lighting as art in kitchenLighting as Art

Light fixtures themselves can be beautiful pieces of art, as Tiffany lamps attest. The trend has been to choose a bold design that makes a statement and draws attention, even when the light is not in use. It can also add a different style of light to your space to add aesthetics and beauty.


While lighting trends may come and go, our Wichita lighting store has been going strong for over 40 years. Our lighting design specialists stay current with lighting trends in order to offer you the best lighting around. From kitchen and bathroom to dining room and outdoor lighting, we ensure all of your living spaces shine.  Shop today!

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