Lighting Store Wichita: 4 Kitchen Lighting Tips

Oct 11th 2021 Staff

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4 Kitchen Lighting Tips

Since the kitchen is the heart of your home, it's important to have lighting that conveys warmth, love, and comfort. Depending on where your kitchen is located inside your home, this can be challenging. Accent Lighting is a lighting store that serves Wichita and all of South Central Kansas. We boast the largest lighting showroom with over 6,700 square feet of the best in kitchen, bathroom, and home decor. Below, we'll offer up four kitchen lighting tips. Get in touch with our team today!

under cabinet lighting in kitchenUnder Cabinet Lighting

Under cabinet lighting will up the ante to your kitchen lighting. You'll be able to see the vegetables you are slicing, and your kitchen will seem a lot brighter with this type of lighting. This task lighting will also make reading recipes a whole lot easier.

layer lighting in kitchenLayer Your Lighting

Since your kitchen is used for much more than just eating, you should consider layering your lighting (which is using more than one type of lighting design) in order to ensure you have the light you need for your workspace. You will probably want task lighting for when you are cooking and ambient lighting for a warm glow while you are enjoying your meal.

 picture of kitchen lightingConsider Your Wall Space

Since kitchen cabinets take up a lot of your kitchen wall space, they can be areas that are often forgotten when it comes to lighting. However, wall lighting can add valuable light to corners and nooks that will provide you much enjoyment. Wall sconces are great accent lights that can make these corners pleasant.

accent lighting in kitchenAdd in Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is one of the least used types of lighting, but it can make the biggest punch. By highlighting your grandmother's china or an antique clock, you can not only draw attention to one of your favorite heirlooms, but you'll add a touch of drama and class as well.


The importance of lighting can be overlooked when you are remodeling your kitchen or just trying to brighten it up a bit. While adding stainless steel appliances and granite countertops are important, putting them in the right light for both function and style is too. Our expert lighting designers have years of experience in helping homeowners find the right lighting solution for them. Shop today!

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